Biodegradable Bamboo Nappy Liners

Make using cloth nappies a breeze with our bamboo nappy liners. These single-use liners form a fine mesh to catch solid waste in baby’s nappy. They are so easy to use, simply place inside your cloth nappies to 'catch' any poo and make washing even easier! These are the ultimate cloth nappy 'hack' for daycare, travelling or daily use. 

These liners are perfect to use with your Frank Nappies, and are designed to also be compatible with most other brands and styles of cloth nappy. 

Each roll contains 100 sheets. Each sheet measures approximately 18cm x 28cm.


Made from soft bamboo viscose

How to use

Place one liner on top of the insert within the nappy. When changing the nappy, remove the liner. Shake solid waste into toilet and flush. Dispose of biodegradable liner in your household waste (can also be composted).

Please note: bamboo liners are not flushable.

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