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Mauve solid colour reusable cloth nappy.

Frank Nappies are designed right here in sunny Queensland with function and simplicity in mind. We know you'll love our gorgeous, timeless, and gender neutral designs as much as we do. 

Designed in Australia. 
Ethically manufactured. 

Frank Features.

Frank Sizing.

Our modern cloth nappies are designed to fit most babies from birth to toilet training (approximately 4kg -16.5kg). They have three rows of rise snaps to adjust fit around the legs. Many brands have only 2 rows of rise snaps. The extra row allows a snug fit on skinny newborn baby legs, whilst still accommodating the chubbiest of thighs.

Stay-Dry Features

Our nappies feature a 'stay-dry' suede cloth lining on the inside. The space between the PUL outer layer and the stay dry lining forms a 'pocket', and, inserts can be placed inside this space. Urine will pass through the stay-dry lining and absorb into the inserts, keeping baby feeling dry. 

Frank nappies feature a PUL tummy panel to prevent leaks caused by moisture wicking out the top of the nappy onto clothing. 

Natural Fibre Inserts (Absorbency)

Some cloth nappy inserts are simply better than others. We use premium quality natural bamboo terry and bamboo/cotton blend fabrics to ensure the highest absorbency and leak prevention. These natural fibres are safe to sit directly against baby's skin, meaning stuffing the inserts inside the pocket is optional. 

Each nappy includes one high GSM bamboo terry 6 layer insert with an hourglass shape, AND one 5 layer bamboo/cotton blend insert which is smaller in size and rectangular in shape. Each insert can be used alone, or both together for heavier wetters and longer time periods. 


Nappy outer shell: 100% polyester (PUL)
Nappy inner lining: 100% polyester (suede cloth)
Rectangle newborn/booster insert: bamboo/cotton blend (5 layers)
Hourglass insert: 100% bamboo terry (6 layers)

Care and Washing Instructions

  1. Place solids into toilet.
  2. Briefly rinse dirty nappies in laundry sink, then store in an open, airy basket (generally referred to as a dry pail).
  3. Run the nappies through a short (30-60 minute), warm (max 55 degrees) cycle in your washing machine, using half the amount of detergent recommended on packet for a heavily soiled load
  4. Run the nappies through a second cycle which is long (usually 2+ hours for a front loading machine) and warm (max 55 degrees) and using the full amount of detergent recommended on packet for a heavily soiled load.
  5. Line dry. Inserts can be tumble dried, however this will reduce the life of the fabric over time. 

Following the proper care instructions helps avoid the delamination of the waterproof lining or damage to the elastics. 


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