Cloth Nappy Washing Made Simple

  • Flush poo into the toilet if possible.
  • Hand rinse briefly to avoid smells prior to washing.Breastfed newborn poo is water-soluble and does not require rinsing.
  • Store in an open, non-porous basket or bucket with high air flow (a small laundry basket is a great choice)
  • Pre-wash nappies daily in a warm short cycle. Use half the amount of detergent recommended for a normal load. This step is very important for getting rid of excess poo and wee prior to cleaning your nappies in the main wash.
  • When you have enough nappies to fill your machine (2/3 full), run a long hot wash (40-60 degrees Celsius) using the amount of detergent recommended for heavy soiling.
  • Line dry. Inserts may be tumble dried.

Every order receives a printed copy of our washing advice. Click the link to download our printable Frank Nappies cloth nappy washing guide.


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