4 Handy Accessories for Cloth Nappy Success

So, you’ve figured out how many cloth nappies you need, and now you want to know what other cloth nappy equipment you will need to make your life easier. Read on, for my top 4 handy accessories for cloth nappy success. 

Dry Pail/basket

You may have heard that you need to ‘dry pail’ your cloth nappies. In the old days, you had to soak cloth nappies in a bucket after each use and prior to washing. Times have changed, and this is no longer recommended. The best thing to do with your nappies after you take them off the bum is to put them in a dry pail. A dry pail is a basket with lots of holes for air flow. A small laundry basket is a great choice. It’s a good idea to avoid baskets made of porous materials like cane or fabric due to the risk of harbouring bacteria or mould. Also avoid uncoated metal baskets due to likelihood that the metal will rust when damp, and stain your beautiful nappies. Something like this is suitable.

Wet bags

If you want to use cloth nappies out of the house, then wet bags are your best friend! You can keep all your clean nappies together in a pod wet bag to keep them organised and clean. Regular wet bags are great for storing wet and dirty nappies in until you get home. For nappies with poo, put them in a small wet bag and put this small wet bag in your regular wet bag that has wet and dirty nappies in it. Double bagging poo nappies ensures you don’t get any smells escaping!

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Spare inserts

Every cloth nappy stash should include extra inserts and boosters. When the weather gets cold and rainy, it takes a lot longer for cloth nappy inserts to dry, but the outside ‘shell’ of the nappy dries quickly. You can get your favourite cloth nappy back on the bum faster if you swap in a set of spare inserts. Spare inserts are also needed if you want to use your cloth nappies overnight. For my 2 year old, I use the standard insert set, and boost absorbency with 2 extra hourglass inserts. This is more than enough for at least 12 hours for her.

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Liner rolls

Biodegradable liner rolls make using cloth nappies even easier. Perfect for daycare use, or for parents who are a little poo-phobic. Pop a liner inside the cloth nappy, between the inserts and your baby’s bottom. If baby wees in the nappy, you can put the liner in your compost bin. If baby poos, the liner will ‘catch’ the poo for you to dispose of (poo can’t go in the compost). Not liner rolls are not flushable.

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