Frank Nappies Insert Set

Frank Nappies Natural Fibre Insert Set

Some cloth nappy inserts are simply better than others. We use premium quality natural bamboo terry and bamboo/cotton blend fabrics to ensure the highest absorbency and leak prevention. These natural fibres are safe to sit directly against baby's skin, meaning stuffing the inserts inside the pocket is optional. 

Extra insert sets are great to have on hand in the winter months when washing takes longer to dry. Nappy shells are quick to air dry, but inserts can take much longer. For night use, you may like to boost absorbency by adding additional inserts to the set included with each nappy. 

Each insert set includes one high GSM bamboo terry 6 layer insert with an hourglass shape, AND one 5 layer bamboo/cotton blend insert which is smaller in size and rectangular in shape. Each insert can be used alone, or both together for heavier wetters and longer time periods. 


Rectangle newborn size insert: bamboo/cotton blend (5 layers)
Hourglass insert: 100% bamboo terry (6 layers)

Care and Washing Instructions

  • Machine wash
  • Line dry. May be tumble dried.

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