Pod Wet Bags

Pod wet bags, may just be the best thing since sliced bread.

They are compact, yet they fit loads of cloth nappies. Frank Nappies pods comfortably fit 8 fully stuffed cloth nappies. Plus, a little spare room for your regular wet bagto store the dirty ones in after use. 

Pod wet bags are perfect for storing your clean cloth nappies for the day when you are out and about, or for sending your clean cloth nappies to daycare. Keep your wet stuff seperate at the beach or pool, and contain toilet training accidents. Our pods are also the perfect size and shape for storing your baby carrier (e.g. Ergo, Tula, Baby Bjorn) to keep it clean and keep the straps tidy and out of your way. This is how I store my carrier in the car to grab at a moment's notice. Pod wet bags are also the solution for storing dirty shoes or the kids gumboots without dirtying everything else in your bag/luggage. 

There's so much to love about pod wet bags. 

Do yourself a favour, and shop pod wet bags now!

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